Exclusive Retreat: Connecting to the Earth – Costa Rica

We are living in a time of great change – from the climate, to the increase in wars and terrorism, to our unstable political climate, to the continual shift into a technological age where many are either distracted or completely immersed in digital life or some other form of disassociation from reality.   Our Earth (Gaia) is both affected by and contributing to these intense changes.

For the last few months, Rachel Photenhauer has been connecting to Gaia and downloading information, just as she would from the angels.  She has been guided to share this information with the world through the writing of a book and also through her work directly with you.  This information revolves around teaching us how to connect to the Earth in a new way – so that we will hear her, feel her and bring her enormous light into our everyday living experience.  Earth’s energy is restorative, spacious and highly accelerative.  By connecting to this energy we can begin to not only heal ourselves, but also do our part to heal her.  To begin this process she and Jesse Kennedy have put together a very special opportunity to access this information directly while immersing yourself in some of the richest biodiversity on the planet in Costa Rica.


Join Jesse Kennedy and Rachel Pfotenhauer for an intimate all-inclusive retreat (limited to 6 participants) for a week of meditation, focusing on connecting and listening to Earth, daily one-on-one healing sessions as well as activities such as surfing and/or guided hikes in the beautiful jungles of Costa Rica. The goal is for each client to walk away feeling connected, relaxed, rejuvenated and cleared of limiting patterns and blocks that are getting in the way of experiencing your authentic and peaceful self, as well as knowing how to converse with and benefit from Earth’s energy.


Everyday, Jesse and Rachel will work with each participant providing intensive readings, Theta Healing, Body Talk and Sound Healing. Plan on spending mornings with an opening meditation connecting to Earth, followed by surfing, zip-lining, or hiking on a guided tour through a national park with more biodiversity than any place in the world. Yoga classes can be attended or relaxing on the beach or near the pool. Afternoons each client will have an hour to an hour and a half with both Jesse and Rachel each, for deep integrative healing. Evenings will be spent sharing and relaxing by the pool and watching the sunset.


All inclusive* price:  $4,000

Deadline for 50% Deposit:  June 15th 

*includes: Flight, transportation, lodging, all meals, and activities

About Jesse and Rachel:

Rachel Pfotenhauer holds an MA in counseling and is an LPC, an Intuitive, teacher, life coach and theta healer. She has over 15 years experience working on clients from all over, providing spiritual and traditional counseling.  In a session, a client becomes aware of their limiting patterns, karmic debt and more awareness of their authentic self. During each session, Rachel clears patterns and beliefs using Theta or EMDR. Her goal is to provide a deep integrative healing where the client walks away feeling cleared and more at peace.

Jesse Kennedy holds a BA in biological sciences from Smith College and spent over 15 years working in the biotech sector in various roles such as sales, support and business development.  She was drawn to shift her focus to the healing arts in 2009 and has since studied Reiki (Master level), Shamanism, Intuitive Development, ThetaHealing (advanced) and BodyTalk.  She incorporates components of all of these modalities into her one-on-one sessions with clients to bring about deep healing at the soul level enabling clients to experience more love, emotional well-being and freedom from limiting beliefs blocking their full potential.