What’s your energy imprint?

How are you feeling right now?  Happy? Sad? Angry? Full of gratitude?  It turns out that the emotions we feel have a far greater impact than we may realize.  To back up a little, it’s important to understand a few things first.  Let’s start with the basics:  All matter vibrates with energy, all the way down to the smallest atom, and all the way up to the largest mass you can think of, biological or not.  That’s a scientific fact, and one that also has metaphysical implications.  In my mind it gives credence to the Buddhist notion that everything is in constant change, it makes sense when everything is in constant motion.  This is important to understand because things that vibrate generate and emit energy – ergo we are energy emitting beings.  What may be more of a stretch for some, is that our thoughts also carry energy.  Actually, it’s only a stretch until you start to think about it in more detail.  Have you ever walked into a room and could cut the tension with a knife?  Or been a little down and then seen a friend who was in a really positive mood and it made you feel better and more upbeat?  Or gotten that warm and fuzzy feeling from seeing something amazingly cute and cuddly, like a baby animal?  These are all examples of feeling the energy emitted from yourself or someone around you experiencing a strong emotion.  Our thoughts and emotions carry energy and effect the environment around us greatly!

So as we move through our lives emitting energy from our thoughts and emotions, we are constantly creating an energy imprint.  What do you want your imprint to be and how can we be more conscious of directing it into a positive manner?  It’s really quite simple, but takes some practice.  I learned a technique from Wendy Kennedy who channels the Pleiadians and whose book I read a few years back, The Great Human Potential, Walking in One’s Own Light.  The technique is to frequently check in with yourself throughout the day and notice where your emotions and feelings are – because this is your energy imprint.  It effects not only those around you, but also the greater collective consciousness of this planet.  Once you begin noticing where your thoughts, emotions and feelings are, see if you can shift them gently by thinking of something that gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling all over.  Is it a picture of an adorable animal you saw on the internet?  Or thinking about something really sweet one of your kids did recently?  Or a nice thing a friend did for you that filled you with gratitude?  Whatever works for you, find something that fills you with that “Awwwww” feeling.  Sit in that wonderful feeling for a few minutes, and feel your energy shift.  It’s really that simple.  And if you find that negative feelings and emotions come right back in when you’re done, gently remind yourself of the “Awwww” feeling again and hold it as long as you can.  Focus on thoughts that fill you with gratitude.  With practice, and with some effort in the beginning to remember to check in with yourself, it gets a lot easier to shift your energy – even when you’re in an intense emotional state.

Redirecting your energetic imprint makes a big impact on those around you and the whole planet.  We as humans often don’t grasp, or are not aware of the fact that we are creative juggernauts.  We are constantly creating the reality around us (more on this soon!), and it often starts with how we are energetically moving through our environment.  Try this simple technique and let me know how it goes for you.  What did you do to remind yourself to check in?  Set an alarm on your phone?  Wrote yourself a note?  What did you use to get you into that warm and fuzzy state of mind?  Share your experiences with us so we can all learn.  With gratitude, Jesse.

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