Rachel Pfotenhauer

Rachel has over 20 years of experience working with people, helping them heal themselves. She holds an MA in counseling and trained with psychic mystic, Beverly Anderson for over ten years. At an early age she trained in the martial arts for over ten years which involved a disciplined meditative practice. She is also an empath, medium, clairsentient psychic who has had a thriving practice for over ten years listening to each client’s spirit with the intention of guiding them towards balance and peace. This includes traditional counseling, EMDR, mindfulness coaching, past life release, energy work, pointing out their authentic nature – is it caged or set free – and gently encouraging each client to take the next step toward their soul’s desire.  In the last ten years she has also taught people how to connect to spirit in their daily lives through an intuitive development class, emphasizing breathwork.  Many of these sessions have changed people’s lives– some dramatically.

When my client pounded her fists onto the couch and said, “Is my life EVER going to get any less difficult? Why does life keep throwing curve balls at me and when is it going to stop!” I knew full well just how she felt, along with many other clients of mine.  My reply to her was, “Well, life probably won’t stop throwing curve balls but you do get a choice in how to deal with them.  And since the curve balls won’t stop coming, you might as well do something to help yourself–or not.”

And this is where I start my work with many of my clients, whether they come to my office for trauma-related work, improving relationships or spiritual work or all three; it all comes down to making the choice to work on yourself and loving yourself on a deeper level. Peace = Self Love. As we grow more peaceful, our world around us mirrors that peace and balance. The biggest step is choosing to do the work.  And if you are reading this right now, I’d say you are ready to do the work.

My connection to spirit is strong. As a child I heard and felt my angels. At the age of nine while laying on a picnic table at UCSC, I was surrounded by pure light and felt lifted and taken away to a place of indescribable peace. Later, the woman who trained me in the psychic arts said I was taken by the angels. Since then I’ve been striving to return to that level of peace.

At the age of 12 I started training in Karate. When I turned 14, my sensai pulled me aside with four other students and told us we were gifted and ready to start a deeper level of spiritual training which included breathwork, meditation and chanting. This opened up my world and I realized there was so much more going on in the universe and that we could access it. My 14 year old mind thought it was the coolest thing ever.

What I’ve learned from years of practice is that connecting to spirit will bring us more into our soul’s desire and that is almost always peace which means freedom from the fearful constructs in our minds. When we connect, we decrease and/or sometimes altogether lose our fear, we resonate with the peace and before we know it, we’re breaking old negative patterns, moving energy and changing our beliefs about the world around us. I will teach you how to do this based on 15 years of case studies of what has worked and what has not.

And last but certainly not least, I am married with two children. I love to meditate, surf, collect sea glass, and eat excellent food with excellent wine and friends.

You can connect to Rachel directly through her website.