Releasing Judgement

We live in a world of polarities and have been taught from birth that things, people and situations are either good or bad, will make you happy or sad, and are right or wrong.   We quickly pick up this skill as a survival mechanism in our 3-D reality and begin assigning value to everything we encounter, whether we are conscious of it or not.   It becomes second nature and sets into place beliefs and ideas about the world around us forming a complex structure that we operate inside of.  This structure is designed to help us avoid what we fear most in our world, seemingly safe from tragedy, loss, disease, and destitution.  So we hold these beliefs and assigned values dear and believe them to be true and right.   The overall effect this has on us is that when we encounter certain situations, we react to them, either positively or negatively.  Each thing we encounter has its own “charge” in our energetic field, triggering us to react a particular way.  If the charge is negative, it sends us into a fear response, shutting down our ability to operate at our full potential as co-creative beings.

As I wrote in my previous post What’s your energy imprint, we are creative beings that are constantly co-creating our reality 100% of the time.  “Co-creating” because we are constantly working with Source to create and manifest our reality.  When we are in fear, worrying about the worst happening, we draw more of that into our lives and ensure a negative outcome.  The Universe is constantly listening to you, so speak and think accordingly for the best outcome!

So how do we shift our beliefs and values when it seems so obvious that particular people, situations or things are absolutely negative or evil?  We begin to do this by embracing a fundamental fact:  All things are created equally with the same divine spark of Source flowing through them.   There is no actual value to anything, there is only the perception that you as a human have placed upon it.  What you deem bad may not be so to the next person and vice versa.   The more we can shift away from assigning value to everything around us, the more we can begin to integrate the “charge” each situation carries for us.  These “charges” are signs pointing us in the direction of fears and beliefs we need to integrate and neutralize in order to raise our frequency and vibration, allowing us to transcend into higher realms.  Integration helps us realize that we are not the separate beings that we once believed ourselves to be, but actually a unique part of a whole.  We are each like a piece of a pie, all unique, but also part of the whole.

So the next time you are faced with a situation that really gets a strong reaction out of you, stop yourself and recognize that you have just received an opportunity to integrate something.  For example, if you are watching the news and there is a segment on the current election and you feel yourself getting very upset about the prospect of one or the other candidates becoming our next President, stop and ask yourself what it is about that scenario that bothers you most.  You will find that there is something there that is putting you into fear.  It could be that you fear that our economic system will collapse, or that your taxes will go up and you will lose money, or that you will lose some of the freedoms you hold dear.  Each of those reactions are based on fear caused by a judgement you’re making.  Once you have realized you are in fear, you can say to yourself, “aha, I see that this situation is causing me to become fearful, and I now have the opportunity to release the judgement I have about this.”  Don’t beat yourself up for having the reaction, congratulate yourself on recognizing you had it and begin the work to integrate it.

You can ask yourself these questions to help:

  1. How does it serve me to encounter this situation?
  2. What am I learning about myself?
  3. As a being playing the game of duality, what am I learning?
  4. What belief do I need to shift and release in order to integrate this lesson?

The more we neutralize negative feelings and emotions, the more we will remain heart-centered, creative beings living in divine flow.   When we are heart-centered, we feel our connection to our higher selves, our guides and Source much more easily and can receive the guidance we desire.  Each scary, fearful or painful situation we encounter is there as a service to help us to integrate something into our energetic field, helping us return to the whole.   Furthermore, we are pulling those experiences towards us in order to continue to grow and learn while we are here.   So don’t shy away from them, embrace them and let them help you move towards oneness.  Remember, you get to create your reality 100% of the time, make it what you want it to be!

For more information on this topic, you can read the section by Wendy Kennedy in The Great Human Potential, Walking in One’s Own Light or book a ThetaHealing®  session with Jesse to start exploring your beliefs and how they can be shifted to enable you to live in divine flow.






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