Women’s Weekend at Asilomar


Women’s Self Discovery Retreat

Asilomar Conference Center

Pacific Grove, CA

March 9 – 12, 2017


Learn mindfulness, meditation and breathing techniques to help you quickly relax

Be inspired to become connected and wise female leaders

Discover how you can obtain optimal vitality and health at any age

Understand to your soul purpose through art

Identify limiting beliefs and learn how they can be shifted to open yourself up to more love

Learn how to “clean” your energy and manage your fears

Discover easy to use HearthMath techniques that can have a profound effect on improving your relationships

Rejuvenate your body with yoga, exercise and massage

Relax, connect with friends, laugh and explore your best self!


As women we are often so busy taking care of tasks and others that we forget to stop and take care of ourselves.  We manage busy households, hold down jobs, take care and nurture our children, manage care for our aging parents, and offer friendship and guidance to those in our lives who need it.  Our energy is constantly focused outward in order to keep our frenetic lives on track.  But where does that leave us, and when is it time to stop and focus our attention on ourselves in order to nurture our own souls?  How can we learn tools to help us find balance and peace in our busy lives so that we are more present and aware of what makes us truly happy?

As a woman with 3 young children and a recent shift out of a demanding career, I came to the realization that I had been focusing all of my energy outward, forgetting about nurturing and developing myself in the process.  This caused me to often feel frayed and overwhelmed with my situation and wondering what to do to fix it.  I began by leaving my career in 2013 to spend more time with my children.  Once I did this, I began slowing down and incorporating meditation, mindfulness and other teachings into my daily life.  It had a huge impact on my daily happiness, ability to connect with my husband and children and overall well-being.   I was excited about what I was learning and the impact it was having on my life and wanted to share it with other women! I set out to create a retreat for women to begin to share this information by incorporating the wisdom of trusted healers and teachers I had worked with.  By coming together to learn to nurture ourselves, open the door to deeper happiness and peace, we can bring clarity and calm to our lives on a daily basis.  


This retreat was designed to help you rest, relax, and rejuvenate in a beautiful setting while learning simple techniques to calm your mind and create peace and well-being.  I believe that peace and happiness do not come from outside of ourselves, but are found within, when we are connected to and guided by our inner wisdom.  Making this connection is easy and fun and can help restore balance and calm that we can take with us into our daily lives.  


Research has proven that meditation and mindfulness practices have a positive effect on mood, stress management and have even been shown to strengthen your DNA.  By learning to quiet our minds and connect with our inner guidance we can begin to operate from a place of innate wisdom.  By connecting with and beginning to interact with our innate wisdom, we open a doorway to understanding ourselves on a much deeper level.  What drives our decisions?  What beliefs do we hold that are holding us back from reaching our potential?  What is working for us and what can we gently shift to bring about positive change?  How can we communicate with the innate to enhance our mental and physical health?


Working in both large and small groups, each participant will have direct contact with our excellent teachers and practitioners. Several different experiential methods will be presented including art, meditation, mindfulness, ThetaHealing, and breath work.  Yoga on the beach, hiking or biking along the Pacific, massage, or just lounging in the white sands are all available in addition to the classwork that will be offered.  Asilomar has been called the “refuge by the sea” as it offers a unique opportunity to stay in a extraordinarily beautiful beachfront setting that instills a sense of calm and serenity.  It is the perfect place to relax, reflect and rejuvenate your soul!


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Details about the complete retreat schedule can be found here and descriptions of each breakout session can be found here.    For more information about each of our teachers, please see their bios here.




Take the time to take care of you!  Come learn how to communicate with your innate wisdom and begin to discover that living from this place of self awareness will provide a feeling of well being and contentment that will spread throughout all aspects of you life.


I look forward to meeting you at Asilomar!





Retreat Price:  $795.00*

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*Lodging booked separately directly through Asilomar (special conference pricing applies**).   A link will be sent to you once the rooms become available in November.


**For those who would like to extend their stay, the special conference pricing will extend 3 days prior and 3 days after the retreat.